Wednesday December 17, 2014 - The lights WILL be on!

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Synchronized Holiday Lights.  Over 50,000 lights, multiple houses, and 1,960 channels of computer controlled animation.  The lights will go on from Saturday December 6th, 2014 through Saturday January 3rd. 2015.
We are located at 120 Messina Woods Drive, Braintree Ma 02184
The lights will be on from 5:00 to 10:00, Sunday through Thursday, and 5:00 to 11:00, Friday and Saturday.  

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Enjoy the lights, but please be courteous!
  1. Please do not block driveways
  2. Please do not shine your headlights in the eyes of other vehicles
  3. Please do not play the music loud from your radio.  After a few days, those in the neighborhood have heard the songs hundreds of times!

 People often comment about the electric bill.   It does not go up that much, and not anywhere near other similar houses.  Here's why: 
  1. The computer sets all the lights at 80% of total power.  That is 20% energy savings.
  2. Not all lights are on all the time.  For example,  the mega-tree is only on for one song.  Having the lights be off for sections of the songs saves energy compared to being on from 5pm to 11pm at 100%. 
Take a look at the graphic below.  I have a whole house meter from my local electric company (BELD).  This meter lets me see in real time the energy used within the house.  The lights have been going on at 4:15pm and off at 11:00pm this season.  As you can see from the blue in the graphic, even with the lights, our energy use is below average.  (The spike around 7:00pm was the dinner oven)